Cash for Clunkers. Some don’t seem to like it.

Responding to this article..

How do these people manage to write for anyone? Selling the company line that’s how.

The question should be…

How do we reduce US DOMESTIC FUEL USE in this country?


Increase MPG for all new vehicles purchased and take all of the old gas hogs off the road. What happens If US Domestic Fuel Demand is reduced by 1/3 in four years?

There is no starting up US Auto Plants, providing jobs for US workers. no matter who owns them, without first reducing inventory. As if any idea would have increased sales faster in the last three 3 weeks. As for people buying any way. Sure people will buy cars and trucks but not at this level in a down market. This program is not only successful it should be expanded. The idea is to become energy independent, something that should be regarded as a national security issue of the highest order that somehow seemed to get lost in the shuffle, with the RIGHT RED CROWD.

This is a GREEN ISSUE That should be supported by all AMERICANS, red or blue.

As for Asian Car companies. Many have plants in the US that provide US workers good jobs. IF the US Car Company officers can’t get with the program, my guess is they will be replaced with someone who just might GET IT.

Many green US car company officers do GET IT, IN SPADES.

Electric cars are coming with, or without. BIG US company officers. As for myself, I am looking at a car that will get 62 MPG. That’s half the fuel use I currently use. If every American gets on board with the same mindset, we collective END our dependence of imported from across the OCEAN. There are far more Americans concerned about reducing fuel use than you might think.

Reported today 9-19

Stockpiles dropped 8.4 million barrels last week, the most since the week ended May 23, 2008, the Energy Department report showed. Imports slipped 15 percent to 8.53 million barrels a day, the biggest drop and lowest rate since September when hurricanes struck the Gulf of Mexico coast.

“Refiners were probably nervous about rising stockpiles and the outlook for lower gasoline demand in the months ahead, so they reduced purchases,” said Rick Mueller, a director of oil markets at Energy Security Analysis Inc. in Wakefield, Massachusetts. “You can’t help but pay attention to the massive drop in imports.”

What happens if that import number falls to 5 million BBL?

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