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Brimstone Quadracycle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Here, is a very cool, ready to build, body. Just add new engine design.

BrimStone Cycles

Not sure what kind of gas mileage it gets now.

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Friendly Fire. You could see this coming from a mile away. Cruze Stunting Volt sales.

Cruze stunting Volt Sales.

One starts at under $20K. The other is over $40K.

Which one is going to sell more?

Doesn’t hurt the reviews have been good.

Chevy Cruze reviews

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Scuderi Engine Model. We want to see a Working Engine running a car or truck.

They need more than a working model.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We would need to see a working engine in a truck or car. If you raise $85M without that working motor it must mean you are far to concerned about protecting your rights than producing working results. Let’s see the engine, not some model.

The past problems with split cycle explored in more detail.
Past Problems with split Cycle.

Wired reported this almost six years ago.

Two Prototypes planned.


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The Turbocharged Version would allow for a reduced cylinder size.

The Turbo Charged Scuderi

2012 is the time to put a working model inside a car.

Keeping in mind this motor design could be used in all sizes of vehicles by increasing the cylinders as required.

What has attracted us to this design is the need to simplify the current best MPG, HP, design & build picture, which can be seen in great detail with the 1.6L Nissan Engine. Adding Compressed Air to the mix only makes common sense. We would only add other additional advances to this motor to increase power even more.

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65 MPG and They can’t find an OEM. Classic.

The Next Engine.

You might ask WHY? Why can’t they find and OEM? The short answer. The Car companies make far more money from BIG TRUCKS and SUVS.

The solution. Make the prototypes.

$85M invested means this engine should ready to move.

Should it take $85M to get everything in place to produce on a commercial level?

Waiting for an OEM is nothing short of a slow death.

Nothing happens without prototypes being made.

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1.6L Nissan Motor.

The Search for more MPG

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Top 10 Miles Per Gallon, MPG, Vehicles in U.S. 2012

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Volkswagen Unveils 313 MPG XL1 Car

Top 13 Green Cars of 2010

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Electric Vehicles & the Natural Resource Cliff

When it comes to markets and understanding the details to consider, it is nice to find a research group who GETS IT.

If you want to learn the real story behind all the PR BUZZ keep up with their insights.

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Biofuels should replace M.E. Imports

CANADA       1,975

MEXICO         1,229


BRAZIL            188   This is an ideal working partner source country.

COLOMBIA      489

RUSSIA           553

ALGERIA         379

Advanced Biofuels should be ramped up to replace M.E. Imports as conservation also improves.  BTL, or GTL, the future numbers must exceed current projected increases. This sustainable fuels effort would utilize feedstocks that are not food crop oriented. These fuels would support sustainable forest objectives. These biofuels should be in the black on their own merit without subsidies. These biofuels feedstocks would be no till & organic. This is only possible as permaculture integration becomes the norm.

Most have simply missed this important aspect.

This is a long term effort that will require a national scope as it is proven on a regional level.  Sustainable Distribution models will begin to produce meaningful advantages as they are designed and developed.

Important algae research should be supported and valued.

Interesting observations from a VC perspective…


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