The best environmental technology from NZ, made in the UK - Certified healthier for those with asthma.

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Our story

1eco is bringing 10 years of the best eco formulation experience to UK businesses. Formulated in New Zealand, and now 100% British manufactured.

1eco was established in New Zealand under the brand Eco Group in 2009 and has since been committed to supplying our customers with industrial strength, eco- friendly cleaning products that are sourced from natural ingredients.

Established with the help of one of the world’s leading chemists in the industry, 1eco has developed a cleaning product range to specifically suit the commercial and institutional market. This range of products is focussed on 4 key principles.

Our products are:
- better for the environment,
- safer and healthier for both cleaning operatives and the workplace environment where they are used,
- as effective as chemical-based cleaning products
- price competitive with traditional products.

We have a strong code of ethics in the running of our company and the manufacturing of our products. We maintain a balance between economic success, protection of the environment and upholding our social responsibility, to supplying our customers with high quality, eco-friendly cleaning products that are sourced from natural ingredients.

Existing users of the product range include: Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Doctor’s Offices, Hotels, Prisons, Schools, Gyms, Cafe’s, Managed Apartments, Council/Government Offices, Day Care Centres, Shopping Malls, General Offices, Facilities Management (FM) Companies, Manufacturing Sites, Sports Stadiums and Dairy & Food Processing Plants.

After 10 years of successfully years of servicing New Zealand and Australia and continuing iterative formulation development, 1eco is launching in the UK. We will use the same sustainability focussed ethics and ingredients as in Australisia, but these products manufactured, delivered and managed by a dedicated team in the UK.

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Our Business Strategy is embedded with an absolute commitment to perform in a way that is responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable. Our products have achieved Tier 1 Environmental Choice certification as a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). Certification is aligned with EU Ecolabel (Eco Flower) standards. Only 4 countries to date have achieved this highest environmental global standard; New Zealand, Canada, Norway & Sweden. We have now brought these leading products to Britain.


1eco is committed to providing commercial strength cleaning products which are not only are better for the environment, but are also safer and healthier for both cleaning staff and those in the cleaned workspace.

These formulations have also been independently verified to reduce asthma and allergy triggers where they are used. Our products have been awarded the Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice Approval for the UK and Ireland for being able to demonstrably reduce the irritants which can trigger asthma or allergy attacks. The Asthma Foundation carries out rigorous and independent testing before granting approval to ensure with those allergies or asthma will be safeguarded.

It is increasingly becoming the responsibility of employing companies to properly care for their workers, from a H&S perspective, through the selection of safer products.

With a recent clinical study demonstrating that the regular use of cleaning sprays has the same impact on lung health as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the health impacts on cleaning staff.

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