darryn cherry
Darryn Cherry - Director & General Manager UK

Darryn has been working with his bother Wayne at Eco Group NZ since 2010. He has extensive experience in both the manufacturing of our products range, as well as and working closely with our customer base to grow sales and integrate their feedback into improved product and range offerings to suit their needs. Darryn also has experience in commercial finance and real estate development.

ollie austen
Ollie Austen - UK Sales Director

Ollie was previously the co- founder owner of Grosvenor Contracts London Limited, providers of advanced technical laundry services to public and private healthcare sectors. Grosvenor also designed their own disposable healthcare curtain that coincided with the growing issue of hospital infections (such as MRSA and C-DIFF), after receiving Patent protection they would go on to supply the NHS and become one of the highest selling Disposable curtain brands across the healthcare market.

wayne cherry
Wayne Cherry - Technical and Executive Director

Wayne has been running Eco Group NZ since 2007, and working with consumer companies for over 20 years. Wayne began Eco Group with the advice of Gordon Vincent, one of Australasia’s most experienced and qualified product formulation experts. Since then, Wayne has been not only growing the industrial cleaning products business, but also updating and improving the product formulations based on customer feedback and advances in environmentally friendly base ingredients.

mitch cuevas
Mitch Cuevas - CEO & Managing Director

Mitch has been in the consumer goods industry for nearly years. Most recently, he was the Managing Director of a pharmaceutical and personal care manufacturing business (the southern hemisphere’s largest manufacturer of controlled substances) from 2011. Prior this he was CEO of one of the Australasia’s largest manufacturer & seller of environmentally friendly consumer cleaning products, as well as CEO of NZ’s largest, environmentally and health focussed, commercial cleaning business. Mitch has an MBA from London Business School and a Sr. General Management Qualification from Harvard Business School. In Europe, he has worked with Heineken, Kellogg’s, Cadbury-Schweppes, Unilever, Ericsson, Inchcape, Telefonica, Ernst & Young and Ford Motors Europe.